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Research Paper Critique: It Is not about Ruining Someone’s Work
Research Paper Critique: It Is not about Ruining Someone’s Work
Research Paper Critique: It Is not about Ruining Someone’s Work
If you are asked to critique a research paper of one of your peers, do not hurry to “ruin” his/her work by leaving negative comments and making fun of some of his/her abilities.

Making a research paper critique means taking an in-depth look at various aspects of someone’s project, pointing out some drawbacks, and recommending some ways to eliminate them.

So, do not hurry to make a mock of your peer’s research paper. By the way, a bad research paper critique will only demonstrate your own poor knowledge of a subject and lack of some skills.

Anyway, if you do not know how to critique research papers, we are glad to help you. Follow the next steps.

Research paper critique: step 1

Read the whole paper and try to get its gist. What was the author’s purpose of making this project? Do not make any notes at this stage. If you do not get some parts of the paper, keep them in mind.

Research paper critique: step 2

Now, re-read the introductory paragraph. Do you remember that the main feature of a good introduction is a thesis statement? Can you easily find it in the paper? Can you understand at this stage what problem the author will address?

Research paper critique: step 3

Start to critique the research paper’s body paragraphs. Basically, they should consist of several points that support the thesis statement and prove that it is true. Pay attention to arguments, facts, evidences while making your critique of the research paper’s body. Are they solid and reasonable?

Research paper critique: step 4

Finally, start to critique a concluding paragraph. It should summarize the main points and restate the significance of the findings.

Do not forget about such details as research paper citation, grammar, punctuation, etc.

If necessary, find out what makes a good research paper to make a good critique.

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