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Essays on Murder: Creating an Amazing Mystery Story
Essays on Murder: Creating an Amazing Mystery Story
Essays on Murder: Creating an Amazing Mystery Story
Sure, there are a lot of ways to complete essays on murder. The first idea that you may come up with is looking at various legal aspects of murders. Some other ideas for murder essays might include:
- looking at the topic from a religious perspective;
- discussing such types of murder as euthanasia, abortion, capital punishment;
- writing an essay on Emmet Till, whose terrible murder shocked America in 1955.

Well, all these are rather good topic ideas for essays on murder. However, if your teacher has not specified any topic and you are free to choose, we offer you a bit different option for completing your essay on murder.

A murder is an awful thing. Making some kind of really serious essay on murder might make you feel depressed. This is why we suggest you create a mystery story involving murder, which will definitely be a more exciting way to complete this assignment.

Here are several ideas for your story.

Essays on murder: idea 1

Mary and Bill are in love. One day, someone hurt Mary seriously, and Bill decides to kill this person.

Essays on murder: idea 2

John and Tom are twin brothers who live in a wealthy family. Their father is seriously ill, and has recently signed a will, which says that each brother will get the half of their father’s fortune. Tom urgently needs a lot of money and decides to kill his brother John.

Essays on murder: idea 3

A retired FBI officer Matt is living an ordinary life when one day he finds out that his son is kidnapped. Kidnappers require Matt to kill his former FBI boss in order to get his son back.

Do you know how to write narrative essays? Use our tips to create a really good story.

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