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Deviance Essays: What Is Right and What Is Wrong?
Deviance Essays: What Is Right and What Is Wrong?
Deviance Essays: What Is Right and What Is Wrong?
So, you have to write an essay for your Sociology class, and one of your Sociology essay ideas was writing a deviance essay.

Well, not a bad idea! However, we should warn you that covering it will not be too easy. Anyway, if your teacher has approved this topic and you really have to write a deviance essay, we can help you.

Before you start preparing your deviance essay, there are several important things to sort out and keep in mind.
Make sure you understand what exactly deviance means. Find a precise definition of this concept and decide whether you get everything correctly.
Deviance is a really controversial thing, and you should keep it in mind while writing your deviance essay. What is o.k. for one society can be absolutely inappropriate in another.
Study the works of famous theorists about deviance before writing your deviance essay.
Do not forget that deviance relates to both violation of some social norms (like nose-picking) and formal rules (e.g. committing a crime).

One of the main questions you can answer in your deviance essays

Who creates social norms and how do they change with time? Actually, it is one of the main questions that sociologists are trying to answer. Yet, your opinion on the question will also be appreciated in the deviance essay.

How to make your deviance essay stand out

Do you like this topic and want to impress your teacher with the deviance essay? Then make your own experiments and introduce the results in your deviance essay.

Here are several suggestions for you:
dress up as a goth or a punk and go to any public place. Then, go to a specific place where guys like you meet. Watch the reactions of people in both situations.
or, go to the restaurant and come up to strangers with a question “Can I try your meal?” Also watch the reactions.

Believe us, the results of your experiments described in the deviance essay will be highly rated by your teacher.

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