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Admission Essay Requirements You Should Know
Admission Essay Requirements You Should Know
Admission Essay Requirements You Should Know
You already have a lot of college essay prompts. You know some tricks and ways to catch the committee’s attention. In other words, you have an idea how to create an admission essay that will stand out.

Well, it is great, since strong content is what really matters. However, nobody has denied some official college essay requirements that also affect the final decision of the committee.

If your paper is organized in whatever way neglecting all the admission essay requirements, even the most outstanding content will not help you get in. So, let us talk about admission essay requirements.

First, you should know that admission essay requirements vary from institution to institution. Thus, you certainly need to know admission essay requirements of that particular college you want to enter.

We are going to tell you about some common admission essay requirements you should definitely know.

Admission essay requirements for a topic

Sometimes, students are free to choose a topic for their papers. Sometimes, they are asked to pick something from the offered list of topics. Anyway, you will have to write about yourself, your career choice, some accomplishments, etc.

You may also face the following situation: some colleges may ask you to give answers to a set of questions as they do it in Harvard.

Admission essay requirements for the length of your paper

The average length of an admission essay is 700-1000 words or one and a half/two pages. Mind that in this case your text will be single-spaced.

If you are asked to answer a set of questions, each answer should be about 250-300 words.
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