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Signs of a Perfect TOK Essay
Signs of a Perfect TOK Essay
Signs of a Perfect TOK Essay
Writing an essay on Theory of Knowledge does not seem like an easy task. The point is that you are going to deal with issues that actually do not have precise answers. Well, this fact should not upset you. You know, a lot of really important questions in our life do not have precise answers.

Anyway, now you need to concentrate on your TOK essay. Since your mission is rather difficult, our writers have prepared some useful tips for writing TOK essays.

Below is a list of signs of perfect TOK essays. So, make sure your TOK essay corresponds to these characteristics.


TOK is an unusual subject, and has a lot of questions that you may be asked to answer. You have to make sure that the content of your TOK essay:
Deals with some knowledge issues;
Answers second-order questions. TOK essays do not answer questions like “What were the reasons for the World War II?”
Is comparative. You need to compare and contrast different types of sources and knowledge.

Personal opinion

One of the criteria that will be assessed in a TOK essay is your independent thinking. Writing TOK essays requires that you:
- Give your position on a matter;
- Choose relevant points and examples to back them up and organize properly in your essay;
- Compare different points of view;
- Use proper language.


You may use a standard way of structuring your TOK essay: Introduction, Body Paragraphs, and Conclusions.


Three words characterize the necessary style of TOK essays perfectly:
- Precision. Use only those terms that you understand clearly. E.g., do you know the difference between faith and belief?
- Clarity. Do not confuse the reader of your TOK essay with obscurity and superficiality.
- Economy. The maximum length of a TOK essay is 1,600 words. So, make sure that each word is meaningful.
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