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The History of Essay Assignments
The History of Essay Assignments
The History of Essay Assignments
Most likely, you have already understood that such assignment as essay writing is tutors’ most favorite one. In fact, this assignment, essay writing, has always been one of the most commonly used pedagogical tools. Do you want to know more about the history of essay assignments?

Let us tell you a story of how essay assignments were invented.

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, lived an old and wise Teacher. Students liked him very much for his devotion to science and studies.

The Teacher invented a kind of system that helped students learn new things. He considered writing to be one of the most effective ways to get the gist of studied material and develop various skills.

So, he invented essay assignments that his students had to complete on a regular basis. First, those were short essay assignments, just focusing on some very narrow and specific questions. Later, the Teacher asked to write longer essay assignments, and students had a couple of weeks to complete them.

Some time passed, and the Teacher noticed that checking essay assignments was a bit tiresome. His students prepared their essay assignments on some strange pieces of paper, they were hard to read and understand.

That is why the Teacher created some general rules for completing essay assignments. In fact, these rules have not changed significantly, and even these days, students have similar requirements for completing papers.
- Essay assignments should be double spaced;
- Essay assignments should be organized into several paragraphs;
- The Teacher invented margins – spaces that you have to leave on all sides of your paper.
- The Teacher also set page limit for essays up to 10 pages. Yes, he was old and did not like reading too long papers.
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