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“Mama Day” Essay: Hints for Writing
“Mama Day” Essay: Hints for Writing
“Mama Day” Essay: Hints for Writing
f Gloria Naylor’s first novel brought her an overnight success, her “Mama Day” solidified her reputation as a talented writer.
So, do you have to write a “Mama Day” essay but do not know what to start with. Do not worry, since our hints for writing a powerful “Mama Day” essay will help you.

What is so unusual about the novel?

Why did “Mama Day” become so popular? What made it famous all over the world? This is one of the possible things to discuss in your “Mama Day” essay. When covering this topic, say that Gloria Naylor mixed realism and the supernatural in the novel. Explain what is meant under “realistic” and “supernatural” in your “Mama Day” essay. So, be ready to give examples from the text.

The theme of the supernatural in the novel

You can also consider the theme of the supernatural from some other perspective. What we mean is that you can discuss the abilities that Mama Day, one of the main characters, possessed. She actually embodied the supernatural in the novel. She had a gift inherited from her great-grandmother. So, in your “Mama Day” essay, tell what supernatural abilities she had and give examples. You can also explain why the author gives Mama Day such abilities and provide your arguments in the essay on “Mama Day”.

Criticism of “Mama Day”

You may choose to consider this problem in the essay on “Mama Day”. Covering this topic, you are sure to reveal your research and critical abilities. So, say that different critics had different opinions about the novel. Some of them admired the complexity of the plot, while others criticized Naylor’s manner of writing. Give quotations in your “Mama Day” essay to make it well grounded.
Do not forget to proofread and edit your “Mama Day” essay.
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