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Writing Powerful Essays on Plants
Writing Powerful Essays on Plants
Writing Powerful Essays on Plants
Are you studying Botany? Do you have to write an essay on plants? Then, a couple of facts about plants from the Guinness World Records will be rather interesting and useful if you want to write an informative plants essay:
The most ancient plants on the Earth are marine algae. They are about 1 billion years old.
There is a “laughter flower” plant in South-Western Asia. Its seed can make you laugh without any reason. The laughter

lasts for about half an hour, and then a person falls asleep.

The plants presented above can become the topic of your essay on plants. So, if you are interested in learning more about these particular plants, devote your plants essay to them.

Besides, we would like to give you several hints for writing essays on plants.
1. Stick to the standard structure when writing your essay on plants:
- Introduction;
- Main Body;
- Conclusion.
2. Stick to the format requirements specified by your tutor. Usually, plants essays are written in APA or CBE citation styles.
3. Do not write about something you do not completely understand. If you feel that some issue is worth mentioning in the essay on plant, first, ask your tutor to explain it, and only then write about it.
4. Be logical. A good essay on plants is not about facts presented chaotically. A good essay on plants should be a coherent and logical text.

Remember, your essay on plants should not contain someone’s ideas without proper acknowledgment. Besides, it should be free from grammar and other types of errors. So, revise and edit your plants essay before you hand it in.
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