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How to Cope with Marathi Essays
How to Cope with Marathi Essays
How to Cope with Marathi Essays
̀arathi Language

State – Maharashtra;

Family – Indo-Aryan

Age – 1300 years old

Total amount of speakers – 90 millions

If this is all you know about Marathi language, you definitely need some help. Do you remember about a Marathi essay you need to complete? By the way, do you know that students are often asked to write Marathi essays in this particular language?

If this is your case, and the only thing you can say in Marathi is “Hi, my name is…”, you have to forget about an A+ on your Marathi essay. Still, you can try to find all your notes, probably several textbooks, and a couple of good English-Marathi dictionaries. What for? Well, we will try to prepare your Marathi essay together.

OK, it was a joke. We just have several good ideas that you can develop in Marathi essays. What you need to do right now is:
- Pick the easiest topic for your Marathi essay;
- Write the Marathi essay in English first, covering the topic in the best way you can;
- Translate everything you have jotted down into Marathi (if necessary).

Now, let us finally introduce our ideas for Marathi essays.
1. The origins of Marathi language;
2. The role of the Jadhava dynasty in the development of this language;
3. First traces of Marathi literature in the 10th century AD;
4. Mahabharata – the first epic poem in Marathi language;
5. Marathi in the modern period – from 1800s to 1900s;

If you think that these are too complicated topics for Marathi essays, you are wrong. Do you know what topics tutors tend to assign? For instance, what do you think about covering the topic of air pollution in your Marathi essay? Something tells us that this topic does not inspire you. So, hurry up and start writing the Marathi essay on the suggested issues!
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