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Things You Need to Know about Argumentative Essays
Things You Need to Know about Argumentative Essays
Things You Need to Know about Argumentative Essays
Argumentative essays are usually considered to be one of the most significant essay types. The reason for that is quite simple. Argumentative essays teach students to think, analyze information, and formulate their standpoints on various issues.

Although tutors usually give many instructions on writing argumentative essays, additional help might be required. This is what you will find in this article. Let us talk about the essentials of writing argumentative essays.

What are the major goals of writing argumentative essays?

When completing your paper, you will have two major goals:
- Persuading the reader to accept your position on a problem.
- Explaining the choice of your position on the main problem.

What does the process of writing argumentative essays look like?

An argumentative essay can be described as a kind of dialogue a dialogue between you and the reader. During this dialogue, you will have to:
- Introduce the subject under discussion;
- Make your statement;
- Give background information if necessary;
- Provide evidences to support your position and rebut other ideas.

Are there any specific aspects to consider while writing argumentative essays?

Yes, there is one extremely significant point you have to understand. You have to distinguish an opinion from an argument. Your task is to give arguments in the essay, which means you need to make claims backed up with evidences and reasonable facts.
What topics are usually covered in argumentative essays?

You will have to deal with controversial topics while writing your argumentative essay. Such topics are about different opinions on the same problem. Very often, these topics are covered in persuasive essays. Here are several fields that argumentative/persuasive essay topics can be picked from:
- Social issues (gay marriages, animal rights, gambling);
- Legal issues (gun control, death penalty);
- Medical issues (euthanasia, genetic engineering).
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