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Tips on Coursework Essay Writing
Tips on Coursework Essay Writing
Tips on Coursework Essay Writing
A coursework essay aims to check studentís knowledge gained during a course. So, information got at your lectures, seminars, and class discussions is basic for writing a coursework essay.

How Will a Grade on Your Coursework Essay Influence the Final Grade?

Actually, the answer to this question is: CONSIDERABLY. A coursework essay makes up to 70% of your final grade on a course. So, is not it a strong motivator to do your best to accomplish a coursework essay?

How Will Your Coursework Essay Be Assessed?

In order to evaluate your capabilities, the tutor will use the following assessment criteria:
- Academic content
- Specific relevance to your coursework topic
- Understanding of the research area
- Evidences obtained while reading or researching
- Communication skills
- Coursework essay organization
- English usage

Are There any Special Techniques to Help You Improve Your Coursework Essays?
If you want to succeed in coursework essay writing, take into consideration the following tips:
1. Make a catchy Introduction
If you want to attract the tutorís attention to your coursework essays, you need a good starting point. With the help of a catchy Introduction, you will intrigue the tutor, make him/her get involved into reading your coursework essay.
2. Use your individual writing style
Despite the dryness of the formal style, keep to your individual writing manner. This, of course, does not mean you should ignore language requirements. Avoid slang and jargons.
3. Make your Conclusion impressive
Your Conclusion is the last chance to persuade the reader that you are right in your assumptions. Besides, the Conclusion makes the final impression from your entire coursework essay.
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