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The analysis of "Anabel Lee" by Allan Poe
The analysis of "Anabel Lee" by Allan Poe
In this research we aim to analyze a poem "Anabel Lee" by Allan Poe. The author starts his poem with the repetition of the word "many" that emphasizes the amount of time that has passed since Annabel Lee's death. The beginning is so melodious that it makes the whole poem sound especially pleasant because of the memories that are idealized versions of reality.

The pure love is depicted here. The image of the maiden is unknown to the reader but it's idealized and flawless. She is too beautiful to live. The image of the wind renders the fickleness of life. Humans' lives are not eternal unlike love. The image of the sea is also used on purpose to demonstrate the eternity and depth of the feelings.

Poe's poem consists of six stanzas that range from six to eight lines each. The author uses repetition and rhyme to create the qualities of unity and euphony, or a pleasing musicality. He repeats the final rhymes "sea," "Lee," "we," and "me".

To intensify the dramatic effect, Poe increases the lines in length and in number in this last stanza. The tone of the poem is lyric and sad. And the melody of the poem underlines it. It sounds like an ancient ballad. The main character of "Annabel Lee" cannot live without his beloved and he lies "down by the side" of her, just to be close and to die near her.

The poem has an immense emotional impact; in spite of its vagueness, it touches the strings of the reader's heart and lets him/her embark on a journey to a mysterious world of feelings and poetic images.

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