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Playboy Gangster Crips
Los Angeles; By 10 a.m., the Playboy Gangster Crips are hanging down on Corning Street, calling each other "Cuz," sipping quarts of Old English 800 Malt Liquor.

The graffiti on the building behind them is theirs. So is the broken beer bottle glass on the piece of dirt front yard. They're listening to rap tunes blaring out of an enormous boom box radio. They punch each other in the shoulder and laugh at jokes only they understand. The PBGs are open for business. If you've got $100, drive by and they'll sell you a gram of cocaine. Count on it; they're never out. That's why they're festooned with gold chains as thick as ship's rope. It's always this way on Corning Street. It's this way on lots of streets in Los Angeles.

Gangs flourish in Los Angeles, the current "gang capital of the U.S.," in spite of increased community and police efforts. This city has 750 gangs, and there are distinctions among them, but the similarities outnumber the differences. They're powerful, they've got money, they control turf, most sell drugs, and they kill to protect all of it. A background check on the ever growing Crips can lead one to thinking one word; fear. The Crips began as a predominately all male black and Hispanic street gang in southern Los Angeles, California in 1969. Active and highly successful in the drug trade, members of the gang are now being discovered in numerous other cities and states where they are attempting to control the drug trade. The word “crip” was believed to be developed by the fact that members wanted the hardest and toughest thing imaginable; thus they came up with Superman and the only thing that could hurt him was Kryptonite- this was shortened to Crip. So how do people know that the Crips are spreading and are being discovered not just in California? The answer is in the way they dress.

Members of the Crips are proud of their gang and freely admit their membership. After all, they did pay a hefty price to be initiated into their “family.” The Crips have their own rituals for "jumping in." Usually it's a fist fight. A recruit has made the grade if he's still standing after up to a 10 minute bout with as many as 10 gang members. In several West Los Angeles Crip gangs, recruits have to steal three car stereos in a night. Some South Central L.A. Crips have required applicants to commit murder, but experts say that's losing ground. Crips are moving faster, apparently because new recruits prefer the Crips' color, blue. The Crips adopted the color for their clothing to set them apart from other rival gang members. The color blue continues to be the dominate color, however other dark colors such as black, brown, and purple may also be blended to identify certain sets. Not only the colors of the clothes are important to be a Crip, but also the way to wear them. The PBGs, representing the Crips’ style nationwide, all wear khakis, which they buy about three inches too big in the waist, so they "sag real good" on their hips. With that, unbuttoned blue and brown plaid Pendletons over white T-shirts worn loose and un-tucked. Socks are always white, too. Clothes are so important they go shopping at least twice a week, usually at the Midtown Swap Meet. They never go anywhere without their blue "rag," a bandanna sticking out of their pants pocket. They all wear similar types of shoes. Whether they be leather sneakers and blue or black corduroy slippers, or Doc Martins, soldier boots and brand named tennis shoes. British Knights, another shoe manufacturer, stands for blood killers according to the Crips. Other identifying items include belt buckles with the gang’s initials, key chains, starter jackets (team jackets) which are usually Oakland Raiders apparel. Accessories are just as important as the clothing the Crips wear. Expensive gaudy jewelry such as heavy gold chains, earrings and large rings are the norm. Blue Baseball caps are worn...
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