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Analytical Essay
Analytical Essay
Analytical essay writing is not an easy assignment. However, it does not mean that the same idea cannot be expressed in a variety of ways. You can learn from someone else how to write an analytical essay, but the Art of Writing must be learnt by yourself. Like any creative work, critical essay consists of two parts: structural design, and art, that is quality design.
The technique of writing can be learnt easily: save the pages with quotations and appropriate ideas; carefully examine primary sources.
As for the quality of writing, it is more difficult because it cannot be put into the formula. Quality is the mystery of writing that is those links between the words that are contained in the words as much as in the space between them.

Technical approach to the analytical essay writing would not allow us to fully utilize opportunities, which are given to us by this form of writing You can use computer programs to design text, you can check the grammatical correctness of sentences with their help, but the computer is not able to write a good analytical essay because computer is not able to understand this mystery of critical and creative thinking. This mystery may be understood only after writing a definite number of analytical essays.
Analytical Essay Guideless

Do not know how to write analytical essay? If you are writing analytical essay and need to compare two articles (comparative analytical essay writing), use the following questions to generate ideas for writing:
Identify the main idea of each assigned essays.
What objects of authors’ attention are the same? How do authors describe them?
What is the summary of each article? What do you think about authors’ points of view? Which one do you like more? Why?
Do headers fully correspond to the content?
Find images, analogies and associations to which the authors have resorted.
What types of speeches are combined in each text?
Identify their stylistic features. Justify your answer.
What other literary and artistic forms this texts include? Highlight the desired options or add your own one: the facts of science, the events of the situation, meetings, testimonies, documents, recognitions, domestic sketches, descriptions, invented scenes, philosophical speculations, observations, morals, commentaries, memories, aphoristic treatment, etc.
Can you talk about the predominance of the one form?
After reading essays, define the type of both essays. Justify your answer

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