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Marketing plan for Dabur
Marketing plan for Dabur
Dabur's moves toward worldwide expansion with its ayurvedic products have proven successful. Dabur is dedicated to the health and well being of every household. The company aims to retain and accelerate its growth and extend geographic coverage to Western Europe, Russia and CIS countries in order to gain revenue of Rs 20 billlion in 2006.

Even though Dabur has shown a substantial growth over the past few years, to achieve targeted results and the revenue of Rs 20 billion, it should elaborate a detailed marketing plan, a road map to its goals.

For the coming three years Dabur seeks to achieve the following goals:

Non-financial goals

To retain its present image as a specialist among ayurvedic products and medicines manufacturers.

To enter 12 new metropolitan markets in Western and Eastern Europe.

To provide strong positioning for its brands in health, personal care and food as the most natural and healthy products (especially among non-Indian population).

To add a new product line every year.

To be among top three FMCG companies.

Financial goals:

To obtain a real (inflation-adjusted) growth in earnings of 20 per cent per year over time.

To obtain an annual revenue of Rs 20 billion to 2006.

Dabur seeks to achieve a unique ability to provide distinctive, high-quality, healthy ayurvedic products to the customers using effective manufacturing and distribution systems that maintain Dabur's quality standards. Personal and health care products are expected still to be the key drivers for substantial growth over this time.

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