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Argumentative Research Topics
Argumentative Research Topics
Argumentative Research Topics That Guarantee Success

Writing argumentative literary works is a good way to sharpen your analytical skills which you would need most if you plan on becoming a lawyer someday or if you are planning a career in journalism. Students are encouraged to write on argumentative research topics in order to boost their analytical capabilities.
Importance of Argumentative Research

Essay writing based on argumentative research contributes in the development of analytical and deductive skills. This type of writing also enforces a The best way to improve your analytical skills is to analyze things of academic importance. This could be done through research papers, dissertations, essays, common life situations, complex situations encountered in day to day life or simply anything that may contribute to an academic field.
How to Choose an Argumentative Research Topic

Choosing a topic is never an easy job. Students often find themselves confused, carelessly staring at a list of argumentative research topics with no selection criteria in their mind. The most important and yet the easiest way to choose a topic for an argumentative research write-up is to follow your own interest. Explore your interests and start canceling out the research topics.

However, it is never wise to follow your interests completely. Research the topics you would like to write about and find out their academic importance. Donít write on research topics that are of no academic significance. An easy way of accomplishing this is to determine what your chosen argumentative research topic would contribute to the academic field. If you cant answer that; its probably best to dump the topic and find the next best one.

Also make sure you have adequate resources of information for the chosen research topic prior to its finalization. You donít want to finalize the topic without exploring its research parameters or youíll end up with an argumentative research topic with poor sources to back your argument.
Top Ten Argumentative Research Topics

When choosing an argumentative research topic one has to base his/her selection based on interest, academic significance, availability of resources and of course the feasibility of the topic itself. Based on the commonly used criteria mentioned above, ten argumentative research topics have been listed below for your convenience:
Should animals be used for scientific experiments that may eventually help the human race?
Should the prisoners of war be tortured for benefit of one nation?
What is the purpose of our existence?
Should Hollywood be blamed for the irresponsible behavior of youth today?
Should students be judged on the basis of their test scores?
Is homosexuality a sign of evolution?
Should gay families be allowed to adopt children?
Is money the root of all problems?
Should the government have a say in our diets?
Does religion cause war?

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