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Argumentative Research Topic – Controversy is the Main Mantra Here
Argumentative Research Topic – Controversy is the Main Mantra Here
Argumentative Research Topic – Support your Argument Very Well

An argumentative research topic develops well when the theme chosen is controversial in nature and leaves a wide scope for debate and argument. It has to be a strong topic that is controversial and the writer will have to convince the readers through well placed arguments backed by strong reliable evidences. The topic or the theme chosen will have to be very close to the writer’s heart and he must feel very strongly about the whole issue. That is the main and almost the whole thing. If the writer himself does not feel for the issue and is himself not convinced about it then it will be impossible to persuade or convince his readers. The topic itself will form the thesis statement and the entire essay will have to be developed around this and data collected to support one’s arguments.

Argumentative research topics in general should be chosen from contemporary issues that are relevant to daily life and have in recent times created much discussion and debate. some topics that one can choose from are:

1. Euthanasia- right to die should be legalized.

2. An eye for an eye , as we have recently seen in the acid attack justice case in the middle east– is it morally justified?

3. Should human rights in cases dealing with terrorists, murderers or rapists be done away with.

4.Keeping in view certain cases we find that incest is being legalized in some countries, is this correct -morally, ethically and socially?

5.Spare the rod and spoil the child – does this theory hold valid in today’s world keeping in mind the rise in cases where the murderers are getting younger by the day.

6.Stopping child labour – what does the family members of this young earner and often the only earner in the family have to say.

7. DNA cloning- should it be banned.

8. should prostitution be legalised.

9. Abortion should be made into a right for all mothers.

10. Should gay families be allowed to adopt.

All these and many more can form an argumentative research topic that one can write on. there are available many essay examples , term paper samples, research paper examples that one go through to take help and get guidance. Sample essays and essay prompts are there to help students looking for a theme or material for data collection. At MasterPapers.com we have a team of extremely competent writers who all are professional to the core. All papers are written with utmost care. Each paper is well researched and the correct essay formats, as specified, followed religiously. So what are you waiting for? Order your custom essays right here, right now.

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