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An Argumentative Research Paper Topic Should be Strong Enough to Raise a Storm in a Teacup
An Argumentative Research Paper Topic Should be Strong Enough to Raise a Storm in a Teacup
An Argumentative Research Paper Topic Will Have to be Forceful Enough to Start an Argument

While writing an argumentative research paper one has to choose a strong topic, preferably a controversial one, and convince the readers through arguments and strong reliable evidence. The topic itself will generally form the thesis statement. So choosing an argumentative research topic is not an easy job. It will have to be very close to the writers heart and he must feel very strongly about the whole issue. That is the main and almost the whole thing. If the writer himself does not feel for the issue and is not convinced about it then how will he go about persuading his readers? There is a great variety of topics the writer may choose from. To gather data on the topic one needs to do a lot of fact finding work on that issue. Latest data will have to be collected and all available facts and figures will have to be organized. An chosen issue will view one side of the argument and should be affirmative in nature. The point of view on the topic will have to be developed well with the help of evidence, arguments along with complete data that is available. Generally argumentative research topics should be chosen from contemporary issues that are relevant to daily life and can whip up a hot debate or argument over the issue.

Some argumentative research topics to think and argue about:

1. Capital punishment should it be done away with?

2. Same sex marriages still a taboo subject for most people, however certain governments have started legalizing them

3. Global warming who will take the blame for creating this worldwide disaster?

4. Premarital sex in America which is causing a lot of concern among parents due to a rise in teenage pregnancies

5. Prostitution should it be legalized?

6. Should be nudity and naturalism in art be tolerated for arts sake?

7. Child labour

8. Extra marital relations- why does society frown upon it?

9. Euthanasia- should there be a right to die?

10. Freedom of speech in a democratic country should do away with all sorts of censorship

11. Abortion should be a right for the mother

12. Art should be for arts sake only, it should not become a vehicle for social change

13. Adoption within a gay family- should it be allowed or banned?

14. DNA cloning- should it be banned with immediate effect?

15. Gun licensing should it be given only after intense screening of the applicant or totally be done away with for civilians?

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