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Cause & Effect Essay
Cause & Effect Essay
Cause & effect essays are commonly written by students to learn how to connect causes of a phenomenon with corresponding effects. The process of writing the essay can get complicated, especially when the effects cannot be validated with experimentation. Students have to focus on gathering relevant information. The only criterion therefore would be to ensure that causes and effects are appropriately connected in the essay. Here are steps that can be followed to arrive at the optimum result.
The introduction would contain the thesis statement which should incorporate the causes and effects of a phenomenon. Readers should be clearly informed of the topic and the direction it would take in terms of expanding on these causes and effects. The background surrounding the phenomenon can be explained in the introduction to further clarify points. These points can be further expanded in the body of the essay.
There could be one cause for an event or phenomenon but several effects could be listed. These effects should be included in separate paragraphs so that they can be elaborated upon. Care should be taken though that each effect directly relates to the cause at every stage. For example, an annual function could help in felicitating ex-students. An ex-student forum, sports meet, or collections for charity could be initiated out of the annual function. Each of these would then be related to the annual function as an effect. The connection should be highlighted in the cause & effect essay.
It becomes imperative that the cause and effect essay is organized in a way that readers would be able to identify and connect with it. The standard effective method is to start with the cause and effects in the introduction. Each paragraph would then include each effect in the order of importance. The conclusion would reiterate what was said in the earlier paragraphs with stress on the thesis statement.
There is a limit as to the number of words or pages that could be included in the essay without readers losing focus or interest. The essay writing exercise should be able to present relevant information in a concise format. The structure of the essay should include all the elements using as few words as possible.
Research has to be precise and effective. It is important to gather information from relevant sources that can be authenticated. The writer is presumed to be an expert on the topic, and all content included within the essay has to be interesting and factual. If there are too many effects that relate, choose the most important ones to include.
The conclusion has to mention all the effects in connection to the cause so as to refresh what the reader has read through in the essay. It should be short and precise. Think of a research paper. It normally extends into several pages. It should include a separate page that reiterates what was said earlier. The same thought process would go into writing the conclusion for a cause & effect essay that prompts readers to take the right action

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