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Your List of Cause And Effect Essay Topics
Your List of Cause And Effect Essay Topics
Effective cause and effect essay topics can establish an immediate rapport with readers. Connecting with them should be the primary role of the essay. You may have several ideas that you wish to convey through the essay. They would have to be structured in a way that would simplify understanding and at the same time offer readers with value-added information. Try and choose relevant and new topics to generate interest. It does not matter if they are controversial essay topics. Just maintain a balanced view and research well on the topic.

The logic of cause and effect essay topics is simple. Whenever something happens, there is a reason for it, which in turn effects certain reactions. If you can summarize these cause and effects, you would have succeeded in writing your essay. Besides having your own ideas, it would help if you refer to recent news and forums to check out what people would like to be informed about. Here is a list of topics that are effective in attracting many curious readers.
Changes in an educational system and the effect it has on a student’s performance.
Effects of global warming and international understanding of a green world.
Effects of poaching on an endangered animal species.
Liberal policy towards abortion and its effects on teenagers.
The rise and fall of Michael Jackson.
Air pollution due to vehicular congestion and its effect on man.
The role of software in the educational arena.
The role of internet in expanding business – Compare and contrast essays on how it does it.
Reasons for violence in a popular sport like soccer.
The role of community nurses in preventing epidemics.
Swine flu and the effects it has on people.
War and peace – The role of the United Nations.
Higher education – Scope and cost of education.
Style – The latest clothing style and how it has caught people’s fancy.
Fast food and the effects it has on eating habits.
Which fast food joints are popular – A contrast essay.
Writing essays and how it can get you good academic scores.
Cost of living index and how salaries should match it.
Adult education and the role of online universities.
Online literary forums and their relevance.
How much money do you need and why?
Easy ways to reduce weight and long term solutions – A comparative essay.
Terrorism and the effect it has on society.
How does your city measure in terms of wealth generation and the effect it has on people.
Major inventions during this decade and how it has changed the lives of people.
Diseases – How it spreads and affects people.
Studying abroad and adjustments to be made with foreign languages.
International business opportunities and how one can identify them.
Forex and the role of the International Monetary Fund in effecting policy changes.
A healthy diet and how it can be maintained easily.
Obesity – Causes and cures for it.

There are many other topics you could write about. Just apply your mind and give it some thought. You will be able to come up with several other topics. Try and write custom essays, and convey your personal opinion on the topic. Keep it simple and use language skills you have acquired over the years. Using relevant cause and effect essay topics would go a long way in expressing yourself effectively.

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