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Cause and Effect Essay Outline
Cause and Effect Essay Outline
An illustration of cause and effect essay outline

A cause and effect essay mainly answers two questions about a particular idea or a situation. The cause answers why the situation has occurred and effect answers the outcome of that situation. There might be many causes that lead to a single effect. Or there may be a single cause that may lead to many effects. Hence, you need to be careful while writing a cause and effect essay.

Whether you write an essay in English or write Urdu essays, your essays should have a predefined format or outline in the form of: introduction, body and conclusion. In case of cause and effect essay outline, the body takes the form of causes and effects and their explanation with the help of suitable examples. A cause and effect essays outline will give you a clear idea about the process of writing a cause and effect essay.

A sample cause and effect essays outline:
1) Introduction: It is the leading statement which describes causes or effects or both
2) Body: It consists of more than one paragraphs illustrating causes and/or effects with suitable examples
3) Conclusion: Here you conclude and highlight your opinion
Incorporate the following points for cause and effect essays outline
Start the essay by choosing a meaningful and noticeable topic. Choose a topic on which you have adequate knowledge as it will help you to write an effective and a descriptive essay.

Then comes the introduction, an introduction always describes the central theme of the essay, so be precise and accurate. Describe the general thesis statement in the introduction and explain whether you are discussing causes, effects or both. Open the introduction using the words “cause” and/or “effect”. For instance, if you are writing on Recession then start the introduction as follows,

“The main cause of Recession, mortgage loans, has resulted in many terrible effects such as bankruptcy, unemployment, and currency depreciation.”
Also keep in mind to arrange these points in a specific order in the body. You can write the points in a chronological order or in terms of their significance or by dividing them in categories. This will help you highlight the points in your essay. While describing the points in the body of the essay, remember to illustrate each point with an example such as names of some of the banks affected due to recession.

Arrange the causes and/or effects in a meaningful manner. You may start with all the causes in one paragraph and the effects in the subsequent one. If there is a situation wherein you have an explicit cause and its effect, pair them together in a paragraph and continue the same in further paragraphs.

In the conclusion, bind all the causes and/or effects together and put forward your view on the topic. This will highlight your perception of the topic.

If you follow this cause and effect essays outline then you will definitely deliver an outstanding cause and effect essay.

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