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Cause And Effect Essay – Show The Cause And Tell The Effect Or Vice Versa
Cause And Effect Essay – Show The Cause And Tell The Effect Or Vice Versa
Writing Tips On A Cause And Effect Essay

As the very name suggests a cause and effect essay aims to define the cause and present the effects of that cause or happening. It can also be said to be another way of formulating ideas and discussing them. In this essay first the cause or as to why the event or incident took place will have to be pointed out. Then the discussion will move towards the effect or as to what happened as a result of that cause.

While writing the essay the writer needs to differentiate between the cause and the effect at the first instance. There may be one cause leading to multiple effects or many causes leading to a single effect. For a student it will be better if he or she sticks to the important two to three points only in such a multiple cause or effect scenario.

The introduction, like in any other essay, will give the main idea (using the terms – cause and effect) as to how the essay will be developed later in the body. It will also put forward the thesis statement which will state whether the writer will be discussing the cause, the effect or both. Definition of important relevant terms may also be given but nothing in detail.

The body will put forward the cause and effect and discuss them in detail. In case of multiple causes or effects scenario the writer can explain them in separate developmental paragraphs. The main body may be organized in three different ways.

1. Single cause and multiple effects: cause – cigarette smoking is injurious to health , effects : a) it can lead to lung cancer b) it can lead to oral cancer c) it is harmful for the people present around the smoker (passive smokers) as they may too fall prey to the above mentioned diseases.

2. Multiple causes and single effect: effect – environmental pollution , causes: a) factories releasing harmful gases b) untreated sewage water running into natural water bodies c) dumping waste into sea d) burning of low-quality coal

3. Chain pattern – in this case one event casually leads to the other. For example, cutting down trees will bring about destruction and complete ecological disaster. Here the complete chain starting from cutting down trees, to disappearance of forests, to lack of rainfall , the region slowly becoming arid and desert-like can be discussed serially in separate paragraphs.

Similarly in the multiple cause and effect scenarios each cause or effect will have to be discussed in separate paragraphs. Supporting evidences and details can be arranged according to order of importance, or in a categorical order. Transitional words are very important and are to be used to mix the details smoothly in a cause and effect essay. Transitional words like because, since, due to, therefore, as a result, consequently are to be used. The writer can use his or her essay to either inform or convince the reader and the body of the essay must be developed accordingly. It would be wise to dwell on the direct or immediate causes (or effects) rather than working on the unrelated and indirect ones or ones that will occur later in time. The essay must be made credible by giving reliable supporting evidences and examples with proper references and citations.
A good cause and effect essay can both inform and convince the reader. It is up to the writer how well he or she can write and present facts and use them to create a lasting impression in the reader’s mind.

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