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Classification Essay
Classification Essay
Have you ever tried classifying things when you are still a little child? You probably grouped the same trees, classified the same shapes or even organized your playmates according to their heights. At least one point in our lives, we have classified things according to some physical attributes. In essay writing, you can also do this by composing classification essays .

A classification essay is a form of writing which intends to group the ideas according to a specific notion. This type of writing is usually done in high school or sometimes in college education. The main purpose is to let the student realize how they can efficiently group different matters according to a single unifying idea.

Essay writing may involve different scopes of grouping things. There are several things that you need to remember when writing an essay for classification. First, it is important that you introduce a unifying idea that will encompass all aspects of the grouping. An essay example may be found online if you are not sure what I mean.

Second, you must make up at least three to five segments in which every part of your classified subjects or matters will fall. For example, in an abortion essay, you may classify the types of women who undergo this procedure; those women who got accidentally pregnant, those people who were raped or those women with medical conditions.

Third, there should be a unique attribute that separates each group from the rest of the classified parameters. You should always explain the difference of one group from the others. There should also be no overlapping attributes for each group of the classified idea.

Classification essay should not be mistaken with a comparative essay. The main intention of the former is to clearly define the differences of groups unified in a single approach while the latter intends to compare and contrast these factors.

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