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Classification Essay
Classification Essay
What You Need to Know When Writing a Classification Essay

Many writers are incapable of transforming their brilliant ideas into essays. Classification essays in particular have proved to be difficult for many a writer. A classification essay is meant to be written in a systematic manner. You may accomplish this by coming up with categories of the key points that you want included in your English essay. Remember that you need to be analytical for you to convince your audience to appreciate your point of view. There are three main points that you must take into consideration when writing a classification essay:
Put things into important categories
The categories should all be determined by only one organizing principle
Provide examples of elements that fall into the various categories
How to Write Great Classification Essays

The key point in writing classification essays is to have a criterion to aid in classifying things or information with similar characteristics. In order to come up with a good quality classification essay, the following points are worth taking into consideration:
First determine the main topic of the essay. You may for example pick a general topic like ‘Design’.
Secondly, you need to do a lot of research to get specific information about the subject that you wish to write about. You may decide to be informative, persuasive or analytical as you discuss your chosen topic.
Thirdly, come up with the criterion for the sub-groups or categories that you want to include in your essay. Make sure that your criterion fits in well and that you apply the same organization principle. For example, you would be out of touch if you include a category ‘buying houses’ on the ‘Design’ essay.
Since at this point you will be having the necessary information and have chosen the categories to use, you may start writing your classification essay. Ensure that your ideas flow well and that you are analytical in your discussion.
Start by writing an introduction that will surely grasp your audience’s attention. As usual, the body of your classification essay should build upon the introduction of the essay, clearly highlighting the categories that you have chosen to use.
However distinctive your categories or subtopics are, the conclusion of your essay should bring them back together. You may accomplish this task by highlighting the common characteristics that the sub-topics or categories have.

After writing the essay, give it to a competent person to go through it. It might be another writer or a student from your class. The person should be conversant with the essay writing process. He or she should be able to point out the mistakes that may have passed your notice. You may then edit your classification essay making sure that it is reader friendly, clear, concise and that it has great grammar and no spelling mistakes.

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