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There are a sea of classification essay topics out there waiting for you
There are a sea of classification essay topics out there waiting for you
If there is one thing that there is no dearth of today, it is classification essay topics. Just think about it… is there anything today that you cannot classify. Everything under the sun can be classified. Whether you are talking about fashions, or rearing chickens or the number of people who support the abortion law, there are topics and topics that you can think of for a classification essay.

A couple of students doing their Bachelors degree in Sociology were asked by their supervisor to think of a few topics that they could first discuss and then use as classification essay topics. These students came out with all sorts of whacky ideas that it became quite difficult to actually zone in on something that could be discussed and then be used as a topic for a classification essay. These are some of the topics that they came up with:

1. Classification of countries according to the consumption of soft drinks

2. Children who sport wierd hair cuts and the impact of the same on their studies

3. Fashion trends in third tier cities

4. The job market, considering the present recession – classification of people in or out of jobs

5. Classification of a particular group of people based on race and religion

6. Economic welfare of groups of people living in a war torn country

7. Age and sex of people killed in conflict in a country

Well, this list of classification essay topics could just go on and on. A student of Sociology might be interested in the social welfare of various groups of people living around them. It is possible that they are looking at society from a totally different perspective and are also eager to present the data that they have in order to explain a particular issue. For instance, crime and deviance are topics that are of great interest to a student of Sociology. They are constantly trying to find out how and why a crime is committed by a person or a group of persons. They look at the issue from varying viewpoints. They would like to know the various factors that impact a problem like this. Some of the impacting factors could be: economic background, social status, geographical location, nature and permanence of job, age and sex, educational background, proximity to crime prone areas and exposure to criminal activities.

Since there are many classification essay topics that can be looked at in great detail, it is very important for writers of a classification essay to be really sure of what he or she is going to write on. When there is no clarity of topic, the whole essay goes off at a tangent and it is not possible to lay before the reader a coherent essay that combines and explains all the points that are to be noted.

While writing on any of the classification essay topics that are available, it is also essential for the writer to avoid any kind of digression or deviation from the topic that has been specified.

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