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Forests' value
Forests' value
Forests regulate the amount of rainfall, which is an essential factor influencing world temperature. A failure to fulfill this function leads to reduction of the necessary amount of rain that will inevitably speed up global warming.As more and more trees are chopped down on a daily basis, the amount of oxygen for us to breathe is decreasing.

Although the companies that cut down forests declare that they will eventually re-grow, this statement is hard to believe. The equipment used to dislodge the trees heavily damages rainforest soil. Taking into account its delicate nature, the chances for regeneration are rather slim.

Trees of the forest control soil erosion, so the area where these trees have been cut down soon becomes desert. Unique biological connections are being terminated and animals' habitats are being destroyed. We must understand that rainforest is a highly complex environment which is being damaged beyond repair. Some species of animals and plants have already disappeared or are being destroyed right now. Half of the worlds' species of fauna and flora are in danger of being lost forever due to the rainforest destruction. On a larger scale, the integrity of the ecosystem of the whole planet is being threatened.

Another important issue is value of the biological content of the rainforest for the pharmacy industry. With a quarter of medicines produced nowadays boasting the rainforest plants as their main ingredient, only one percent of the diverse tropical flora has been studied by the scientists. This means that we are yet to learn about all the benefits it may provide for us.

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