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Learning the Writing Process of Debate Essay
Learning the Writing Process of Debate Essay
You probably have already participated in a debate. This is a type of conversation where two parties provide their thought about an issue. There are always two sides in the debate. These two sides will present their respective opinions and take on a given matter and will try to convince the other party of the conversation. Now, what is a debate essay? This kind of an essay does not require you to find another person who is against your opinion. It is an essay that will represent what you have to say about a given issue. It may not be the regular debate that you can do orally. When writing such an essay, you are merely presenting your opinion to the readers on a given topic. Let us take a closer look on the writing process for a debate essay.

A debate essay starts with a good topic. What do you want to have debate on? It is important that you consider certain factors in choosing a topic for debate. Ask yourself is this topic worth the readerís time? What can we gain from discussing such a topic? Are there enough resource materials to support the topic? Do I have the familiarity and the knowledge with the topic? If you can sufficiently answer these questions, then you can write about the topic for a debate essay.

Next, establish your claim. For a debate, you should only be at a single side of the discussion. It is either you agree or disagree on a given issue. Once you have decided which side to go, then you can write your thesis statement. In fact, the thesis sentence is actually a side of a debate; you have to prove it to make the claim valid.

Afterward, try to look for materials that will support your claim. It is necessary that you do not merely depend on your stock knowledge when debating. You have to support your thesis in a way that it will seem very acceptable. Otherwise, you will lose your chance to establish that claim and you will not be an effective debater cum writer. Remember, the key to successfully attracting audience to believe you is to present well presented proofs and evidences.

In addition, it may also help if you will provide examples of the evidences that you wish to use for a debate. Such examples will further affirm the validity of the evidences and proofs, which will then translate to the credibility of your thesis claim. If you want to look for other samples, you can use the data in our archives or any other websites.

Lastly, wrap up the discussion of the debate essay by writing a conclusion. The conclusion should reiterate what you have claimed in the introduction. This way, you will strongly affirm that your opinion still holds true.

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