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Historiographical Essay
Historiographical Essay
The term historiographical essay might be new to you. However, you need to write such an article if the teacher requires you to do so. This is our main topic for today. We will give you some ideas and tips how to write a historiographical essay. Take note that you also need to have the same skills in writing a general essay. This will be a big help because you can simply apply the same skills in writing a hitoriographical paper.

What is historiographical? The historiographical article concerns mainly on summarizing, analyzing and discussing the topic about history. It can be about the debate or the analysis of events on a given historical account. That being the case, you need to at least read some historical articles that you think are sensible. Afterward, you can analyze the contents of the event and write the paper according to how you take the data.

Here are the basic steps in writing a historiographical essay:

Choose a good topic. If you are going to write this to present in class, then your teacher might assign a topic to you. If not, then you are free to choose whatever topic you want. Just make sure the subject is clearly defined, has a certain substance and arguable at best.

Since you will be writing an article about a certain historical account, then you should be able to collect your source materials. In a general idea, the materials must not be older than 30 y ears. If you can acquire as much books as possible, then you can create a balanced and accurate essay.

Start reading the historical books that you have acquired it may be a daunting and tiring task. However, this is the only way for you to learn and know what historical events should be available in your essay. Take time to realize using an index to point you to the right contents of the book that you need to understand.

Gather data and take notes. Write down a list of authors and provide what they said on a particular book that they wrote. You should be able to critically examine their ideas and opinions about a historical event. Write the details of where the author comes from, what credibility he has and what approach or discussion methods he used.

Now, you can start writing the parts of the essay. You can talk about the authors’ perception of the historical events. You can also write about whether they agree or disagree on a certain topic. Write their take on a certain issue or subject and compare them. Your historiographical essay should have the evaluation of other people’s work and present provide the arguments and opinions of the authors who have written such articles.

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