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Internship Essay
Internship Essay
As you approach the completion of your college course, you need to make sure that you have the necessary skills to excel in using what you have learned. This is a case when you must do internship to apply the knowledge that you have. Appling knowledge means you have to execute them in actual work. Therefore, many students who want to undertake internship will look for companies where they could excel. Rendering their services to these companies will give the student the power to further upgrade his abilities in a certain field. Now, what is this internship essay? An essay about your internship experience will provide details of what you have done to improve your credentials even further. Aside from having all the theoretical knowledge from the classroom, you must also equip yourself with real world experience that will complement your classroom learning. Therefore, writing an internship essay will give you the chance to discuss how you fared with this skill upgrade.

An internship essay should still apply the same procedures in writing a regular essay. That being the case, your first goal is to write an outline. You no longer need to think of a topic because you already have one, your internship experience. Therefore, writing the outline should follow. You can plan what part of your experience you would like to include in the essay. Next, write the different parts of the essay. There should be three of them: introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion. Afterward, you need to proofread your essay before you can submit it. Is there a need to use citation platforms? It is up to you if you would like to include some factual details in your essay. This is appropriate if you wish to discuss first the field of your work say for example about computers or science. Otherwise, you can simply stay away from citation procedures because you will be writing a narrative about your personal experience.

What do we need to discuss in an internship essay? First of all, you need to tell your readers what you course is all about. Talk about why you chose the certain course and what you are expecting to gain from completing it. Next, discuss the institution where you have done your internship. This means identifying the organization or company. Discuss why you have chosen a certain institution. Next, write about your tasks. Talk about what you did for the company and how you applied what you have learned in class. Lastly, talk about what you have gained in the internship experience. f possible, mention some recognition, commendations and other accomplishments that you received.

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