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Feminist Essay
Feminist Essay
One of the biggest socials issues of today is the discrimination against women. There are so many instances where you can see this discrimination. In order to expand understand the notoriety of the society in tolerating such acts against women; it is appropriate that you write a feminist essay. That is if you believe that women should not be discriminated in any possible way because all men should be equal. Let us give you some pointers how you can write a feminist essay.

Before we start giving your some possible courses of discussions, let us first enumerate the basic steps in writing an essay. We will also give you the major parts of this school paper. First, you need to have a scope of topic. Since you are going to write in the field of feminism, you can simply narrow down your selection to a much more specific topic of interest. Second, you should create an outline. This tool will give you an overview on what to discuss in the essay. Third, gather as many resource materials as you can. You can choose among available books, published articles, internet sites or a research paper. Fourth, you must have the skills in citing resource materials. Use either APA or MLA formats when referencing another document. Lastly, it is important that you proofread your paper. This process will eliminate spelling, coherence and grammar errors. Any essay papers need to include at least three paragraphs. These are the introduction, body and conclusion paragraphs. Make sure that you know how to write each of them.

Now that you know the different things involved in essay writing, we will give you some suggestions on what writing approaches are possible for a feminist essay.
You can write a narrative essay that will talk about your personal experience. If you are a woman, then you can simply write about any discriminatory acts against you. If you think you have a good experience, you can also write it in a narrative essay.
Write a descriptive essay about what a feminist is. A feminist is a person or an entity that believes in the notion of feminism. These entities and individuals know that there should be no biased notions and acts in the society that are considered against the rights of women.
How about an argumentative essay? You can write a feminist essay that will argue for the creation of a women friendly society. You may write an essay that will talk about your arguments for a discrimination-free society, which will see men and women in the same and equal status.

We have given you some ideas how you can write a feminist essay. If you still need some supporting reference materials, we can offer great essay examples to you. Simply download a free copy from our database on this website.

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