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Medical School Application Essay
Medical School Application Essay
Guidance on Medical School Application Essay

Every year over 71000 medical aspirants appear for MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) over the world. Out of these over 40000 apply every year in US Universities. Out of these many applications, that top medical institutes in the world receive, mere 7% of them get selected. Such stringent procedures call for a confident and convincing application.

There is no single criterion or score which will ensure your admission in a reputed medical college. The various components involved are GPA and science GPA consisting of biology, chemistry, physics and math. Then MCAT scores, medical experience & exposure, scholarly activities, research experience, evaluation letters, extracurricular activities, and finally the personal interview.

Let’s discuss the evaluation letters because it is the medium through which you have to submit your medical school application essay. Evaluation letter generally is a means of introducing yourself to the college admission board. It helps to highlight your qualities and motivation for pursuing a health course in that institution. You are required to write an “essay about myself” where you will describe your strengths and weaknesses. Unlike an interview where you do not get enough time to think, in an essay you have ample time to decide how to portray yourself and your qualities.
Follow these tips while writing medical school application essays:

1. Begin your essay with a short introduction about yourself. Your thesis statement could include your commitment and goal associated with the course. Convince in short to the evaluators why they should accept your application.

2. In the body of your essay you need to give description of how you would be accomplishing the goals you mentioned in your thesis statement. There are a set of questions you need to answer in your medical school application essays. These include the following three;
What qualities you have for a medical career?

Why did you choose this institution?

What distinguishes you from other applicants?

3. Answering the first question involves reflecting your skills, accomplishments, personal qualities and your motivation and potential for pursuing a medical career. You need to identify your strengths and express them in a way that will reflect your personal character. Do not try to include fictitious points which will be caught in your personal interview. Since you are applying for a medical course include your medical accomplishments, some research you have done or give a research proposal example in short. Include some of your social activities or a community service you participated in. Describe how you have planned to manage your medical career, the stress of dealing patients and their families, lifestyle, long years of training and the financial burdens of medical education.

4. Before answering the second question you need to do a research on the institution you are applying to. Search information about the history of the institution and the principles it follows. While answering assure to the evaluator that you will follow the institution’s principles and how you will be an asset to the institution. If you are applying to a Muslim University you may write Urdu essays as a part your medical school application essays but it is not compulsory.

5. Your medical school application essay is the best chance for you to distinguish yourself from other applicants with same records and background. Consider ways to distinguish yourself from other applicants. Describe your personal traits and how you would handle your responsibilities.

6. Conclude your essay to reassure your desire of a medical career and how the institution will help you in the process and thank the admission board for considering your application.

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