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Tips for the Choosing the Correct College Essay Topics
Tips for the Choosing the Correct College Essay Topics
College Essay Topics

Writing essays for various college assignments is a common practice. It tests the writer’s writing skills, shows how much he has understood the topic and the amount of research work he has done on the topic. There are many college essay topics that a writer may choose to write on, depending on his interests and also on his subject of study.

Choosing the correct topic is the main trick in writing a good essay. However if the topic is directly assigned to the writer then he has not much of a choice. If he gets to choose a theme of his own, then he will have to select something very carefully, and with much thought.

While selecting a topic one should look for something that is appealing to the reader and writer both. Some vague or obscure topic which will fail to impress the reader is best kept aside. Such topics, even if they interest the writer, should be kept for personal reading and not be imposed upon the reader.

The chosen topic should have some amount of ready research material to explore on. Some ambiguous topic with not much research work done on it previously, in all circumstances, is best avoided. However a topic with too many ready material available to work on, may also confuse the writer and thus can pose to be a problem.

Once a suitable topic is selected then the writer will have to conduct an in-depth exploration on the theme. The writer must also know the different essay formats that are used, like MLA/APA/Chicago/Harvard, to get good grades in the paper.

Given below are some college essay topics:

1. Euthanasia – murder or mercy killing?

2. Abortion – a right for a mother or the right to live for the unborn child.

3. Child labor- a boon for the family of the child laborer or a bane for the social ethics of the country.

4. Racism that exists in various forms and disguises throughout the world

5. Gender inequality as portrayed in the media and as seen in workplaces

6. Capitalism vs socialism- what makes a country’s economy run

7. The various revolutions that have occurred from time to time and caused a huge impact on people can be researched on and details regarding the cause of the revolution, what happened during these times.

8. Ancient Egypt – It can deal with Egyptian belief of death and after life, the role of medicine and surgery in ancient Egypt, sculpture and paintings of ancient Egypt, ancient Egyptian system of irrigation and flood prediction, cat worship in ancient Egypt etc. in fact Egypt throws up numerous topics on which thesis could be done in volumes.

9. Ancient China/Ancient Mesopotamia/Ancient India/ ancient Rome

10. Rise and advent of Christianity or Islam

11. Ancient religions like Buddhism, Hinduism or Confucianism.

12. Famous personalities from history like Queen Elizabeth, Napoleon, Abraham Lincoln etc. can be chosen and a research conducted on their lives and times.

College essay topics mainly depend on the subject a student is studying. A biology student will have to choose something that relates to life science studies, similarly a literature student will pick something from the various well known books and novels. If you find that you are having problems while writing an essay, all you need to do is to log on to our website at MasterPapers.com and order for a custom term paper.

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