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Academic Essays for all Students
Academic Essays for all Students
Basic Guidelines to Write an Academic Essay

A good academic essay consists of writing a paper that is complete with logical and well organised representation of the topic, has correct in-text citations and has no grammatical or spelling mistakes in it. The paper must be well researched, well formatted, and written in a simple yet attractive manner, so as to be appealing to the reader. An academic essay is generally written in the five paragraph format, which consists of one introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs and one concluding paragraph. Given below are examples from an academic essay to show how to write with correct in-text citations and formatting.

Topic is Environmental Economics and essay format is MLA


Instructor’s name


Environmental Economics


Environmental Economics. Try telling this word to any layman. It would bring about blank looks and raised eyebrows. Not surprising. As Charles D. Kolstad puts it “A natural reaction, particularly considering the the common belief in some circles that economics is the root of the environmental problem”(Kolstad, 1). So what is environmental economics? ……..The main objective of my project would be to remove this lack of knowledge and change the mindset of the local community.The project would involve the local community,work with them and bring about a systemic social change and slowly develop a conservation ethic amongst the local residents.This ethic needs to be so deeply ingrained……


To work with the community and to keep the work going at a steady pace one has to have a good overview of the local community and be very innovative. As Danesh, programme co-ordinator, Rasta, Barefoot college – Kerala says “Many people look around here and see dead leaves and straw. I see energy.We just need to tap it.”(Danesh, “Social entrepreunership Criteria-External Level”, 5). First a team will have to be formed comprising of of dedicated and focussed members of similar mindset…….

Another way to reach out to local community members would be through the local media like the local radio and television broadcasting medium.Qualified people and others working with environmental conservation programmes can be arranged to come over and speak via these …..

Renewable energy like wind, solar, biomass help to create a cleaner, greener environment. Basic information on these energy sources need to be imparted as most people have very limited knowledge on these topics. Infact the college management can be spoken to and convinced to start ……


All the methods discussed above will take some time to start working as do most social causes. Many questions will be raised, many grievances nursed. Many would not like to take part…..but we will have to stand the test of time, be focussed in our objectives and remember that “Rome was not built in a day”(old English Proverb).We will have to stay fixed in our objective of imparting knowledge to one ….It is this knowledge which will ultimately convince them that the environment in which we live is worth fighting for not only for ourselves but for all the future generations to come.

Writing an academic essay involves hard work and concentration. One will have to do a lot of research work on the assigned topic, and then write a good essay on it. While writing the essay one will have to express himself well. The paper will have to be well formatted, proof read and edited, to present an error free paper. Go through our various essay samples and find out how to write a good paper. If you ever find that writing an assigned essay is proving to be an uphill task, and you need help,

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