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How To Write My Essay For College Admission
How To Write My Essay For College Admission
College admission is a process through which potential candidates enter colleges basing on entry examination results, application forms and admission essays. A college admissions board may be overwhelmed by applicants with qualifying credentials, despite the limited number of available vacancies. Under stiff competition, admission essays may be helpful for selections, although not always. It is therefore essential for me to be able to perfectly write my essay for college admission.

Such essays represent one’s personality, character and eligibility for the targeted college. It backs up one’s application forms and helps him/her stand out from all other applicants.

Colleges may set an open topic, where applicants can write on any topic of their choice, whereas others may set single or multiple choice topics. Logic/reasoning, writing and communication skills, language mastery, candidate’s personality and possible positive contributions are commonly tested.

A guide on how to efficiently write my essay

Any good essay is as good as the technique, care and efforts behind it, catering for its purpose and requirements.
Brainstorming, ideas generating and development: I think of major ideas that show my writing competence as well as my personality positively. I gather ideas by taking simple notes as they come across my mind, whether they seem strong or weak. I take a few minutes of free writing, without caring about spellings, order or grammar of the phrases or sentences. I risk coming up with completely new, unusual and innovative ideas or remain conservative, but with a sense of uniqueness; formulate a title for my topic, remembering that it should fully represent my essay writing, strongly capturing readership attention and showing my exception. I think of questions such as; do my ideas make sense? Are they complete or still lacking? Are they the right ones? Will they serve my intentions?

Writing: To write my essay, I look at how I intend to have my work styled up, sequentially outline the main ideas, eliminating the irrelevant ones; then write my draft.
Polishing: Looking at my draft for organization, language, tone and mechanics is essential. A good mastery and command of the language is vital along side controlled chronology and coherence within or between titles and subtitles. The tone of my work is remarkably important, avoiding the tendencies of praising the college, sounding braggart or apportioning blames. I keep balanced on my personality, achievements and presentation. My writing can be serious, funny and attractive at the same time. I opt for specific ideas and avoid open ended statements. For example, I avoid using phrases such as;

‘I will be very helpful to the community as need arises under various circumstances’.

It is rather more meaningful to have;

‘I will develop our community farming through providing refreshing seminars, supply of improved mechanized equipment, natural fertilizers and seeds, all at subsidized prices’.

I take care of my mechanics matter-grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or punctuation errors may divert the reviewers’ attention. I strengthen my ideas with examples, facts, citations and events; restrict the number of words and always never forget to proofread.

Not all college admission essay writing will take the same trend, however, they principally undertake similar considerations to write my essay. See essay samples.

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