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College Paper Cover Page – Create A Name For Yourself
College Paper Cover Page – Create A Name For Yourself
The do’s and don’ts while presenting a college paper

A college paper cover page is the easiest part of a college paper. Still it has to be done with great care as people say “the first impression is the best impression”. The cover page is what makes people notice your paper. The most important thing is that your instructor should like it and it should match his or her guidelines in the appropriate manner. The first page or the title page should look perfect and should make people pick it up and go through the contents like they would pick a magazine which has an attractive cover page.

During middle school or high school, students have a tendency to draw borders or designs for the cover page of their school paper. This should be avoided as you are no longer dealing with school and it is a college paper cover page. It should be neat and precise and should never be cluttered. Of course, the whole paper should be computer generated. The paper should be excellent with all the facts lined up in the correct sequence. Provide information people would want to know. The cover page should be carefully completed.

Here are a few rules which should be followed in a college paper cover page.

1. Follow all the norms as instructed by your professor regarding the font and font size, which is usually Times New Roman or Arial with size 12. You might probably be asked to leave about 1 inch margin.

2. Think about a name for the paper which would perfectly describe the topic you have chosen. Print it at the center with the correct alignment as instructed.

3. Provide your name and surname properly. Always avoid initials and nicknames.

4. The next step is to include your course details, your year, and the university details. Don’t forget to include your instructor’s name and qualification.

5. Date of submission of the paper should be mentioned in long-term.

While writing a college paper, you should strictly abide by the instructions given to you by your professor. It is very important that you follow the exact citation prescribed for you. Most of the college papers are written in the orthodox MLA format. Some instructors might prefer APA or even Chicago style format. It all depends on the instructor’s choice. Sticking to the rules will help you earn good grades for your paper which is why you are writing the paper.

A college paper cover page is the first thing the reader sees and if it is perfect, it will be the last thing he or she will remember after going through your impressive paper. It is vital for the cover page to be to the instructor’s liking. It would help you greatly if you look at good cover pages before starting on your own. You might also find title pages which should never be followed because they will attract people in all the negative ways. Follow the golden rules carefully and be assured of an A+.

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