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Alcohol Essay
Alcohol Essay
Alcohol Essay instructions to consider

Alcohol essays are a part of the writing assignment of psychology, sociology or marketing courses. They need not necessarily deal with the psychological and social problems of alcoholism but can hover around many other aspects for study and analysis purpose.

Alcohol essay can be a research based essay or of the type “essay about myself” or a term paper. In any of these types, especially in a term paper, you need to convey your opinion on the issues and suggest some methods to resolve the problems. No matter whether you write English or Urdu essays, you need to convince the reader that the solution you are proposing is optimum and satisfactory. A good quality essay needs a strong research backing, a good flow, examples supporting your objective, leading to a conclusion and a satisfying message at the end to convince the reader.

The toughest step is to choose a topic on which you can write an effective essay. You can choose any topic in accordance to your interest, your subject and your instructor’s choice. Some of the alcohol essay topics you might consider are;
Alcohol and Violence
Teenagers and Alcohol
Reasons for alcohol addiction
Adverse effects of alcohol on health and social behavior
Government measures to curb alcohol addiction
Fighting alcohol addiction
Points you need to consider while writing alcohol essays:

1) First and foremost, you need to include the reasons why people are getting addicted to alcohol. For instance, some of the practical reasons are; pressure from colleagues, curiosity and fantasy, escape from adversities, and so on. Curiosity and peer pressure are the reasons why most teenagers start consuming alcohol. Alcohol is also viewed by some as a means of relieving stress and for short term happiness.

2) Discuss the adverse effects alcohol has on human health and the society. Alcohol directly affects the nervous system which eventually affects the senses. Thus, a person is eluded from correct decision making capability, which eventually leads him to violence and other crimes. Alcohol is one of the reasons of abuse, accidents and other related crimes. Consuming alcohol during pregnancy has a bad effect on the child and may lead to disabilities in the newborn. You can elaborate some of these or some other facts you have researched for in your alcohol essays.

3) Discuss the trends related to alcohol such as how consuming alcohol has become a social activity. Alcohol is easily available to the masses, in all social gatherings, functions, and meetings. Due to this rising popularity of alcohol among adults the teenagers are also getting exposed to alcohol.

4) Alcohol and teenagers is one of the most concerning issues for the society. Though the minimum age for consuming alcohol is eighteen, most teenagers are getting into the habit of drinking before reaching that age. Discuss the various methods that can be implemented to keep teenagers away from alcohol; this will reflect your view on the subject.

5) Discuss some of the government measures that have been implemented to reduce alcohol production and distribution. For instance, high taxes levied on alcohol, advertisements for mass awareness, and creation of regulation bodies and so on.

You could discuss these points individually in any of the topics stated previously or may take them up as a whole and discuss them one-by-one in your essay. Though you will be able to write effective alcohol essays through these guidelines, you can also opt for a professional essay writing service such as masterpapers.com. They provide custom-made essays and a good research proposal example and have a money back guarantee in place in case you are not satisfied with their work.

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