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Critical Essay
Critical Essay
The word “critical” can both be positive and negative depending on how the person weighs it. In writing an essay, we can sometimes conduct our analysis of another work for us to provide our standpoint as well as our opinion on how the writer of such an article was able to influence us as readers. In this case, we can write a critical essay.

Essay topics may range from science to humanities to technology and the arts. If we are to critically analyze all of these fields, then time would not permit us to do so due to a vast collection of subjects for writing. That is why if you are going to write a critical essay, you must first identify what field of interest you would like to discuss about and what among the available subjects you are really familiar with.

There are two major procedures that you need to address in writing a critical essay. The first one is to summarize the main article of the writer you have selected to analyze. Criticizing does not merely mean destructive but constructive as well. In any case, it is not the writer who will be evaluated but you as a reader on how you are able to write your critical essay. In your article, you can put the main subject of the referenced paper say for example history research paper topics. Then you must also present the article’s thesis statement followed by the major points of discussions and then the conclusion.

The second part comes as your main analysis of the article this is the actual part of a critical essay that will present your analysis skills. You may write anything that will reflect your agreement or disagreement with the notions involved in the article referenced. Also, try to incorporate your thoughts whether pro or against the writer’s opinion, much like criticizing his arguments.

There are other high school research paper topics that you can utilize. But if you need help in writing a critical essay, we are always here to help you.

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