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Critical Lens Essay
Critical Lens Essay
A critical lens essay is a type of essay or format of writing that involves narratives. The essay can consist of several paragraphs but the usual size would be five. If you are going to write a critical lens essay, then let us discuss the different things that you need to know about it. Many students find it hard to write such an essay so let us become the simplifier of this task.

The writer should follow certain steps in order to write a critical lens essay. You have to realize first what the teachers ask you to do. Only this way you will be able to prepare for the steps that you must undertake. The main goal is to examine the topic or the given prompt in a critical way. You will then write what you think of the instruction and then relay your response to it through writing an essay. In most cases, the teacher will give literary quotes that the students will analyze. Then they will critically evaluate the quote and interpret it according to how they take the message. In other cases, the teacher will simply give an instruction for the students to read certain materials that they will evaluate.

The first paragraph of the critical lens essay is the introduction. You can write it in about four sentences. The first sentence will serve as the place for the quote given to you by the teacher. The second sentences should immediately give his interpretation of the quote. He should do this in his own words. The third part should include the opinion of the writer whether he or she agrees or disagrees with whatever the quote has to say. The last sentence should include the primary sources of info that will prove the idea of the writer.

The body part of the critical lens essay will have the main discussion of the topic. Since you are going to deal with a literary work, you can create a discussion that will talk about the article’s theme, plot, character analysis, the purpose of writing and the author’s intention or message. It is necessary that you provide your analysis of the literary article and give supporting details to whatever you have to say. You may also agree or disagree with the author of the literary piece as long as you can sustain your ideas and opinions with evidences.

Wrap up the critical lens essay by establishing once again your basic analysis of the literary work or quote. This time, you should include a generalization of what you have discussed in the other parts of the essay. Make sure that you summarize all the tings you have said and reiterate your interpretation of the article in reference.This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers