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General Essays
General Essays
Do you have any ideas what general essays are? There is no actual definition of what a general essay is. But we can provide you the definite types of essays that most students write. In discussing a general essay, we can also tackle the basic parts of the article. This way, you can easily write any types of essays by following the formats of writing.

General essays need to have the three basic paragraphs of an article. These are the introduction, the body and the conclusion. In writing the parts, you should follow the rules of what to include in the segments. There is certain information that you are allowed only to write in specific paragraphs. You should be aware of these details. So what are the most common general essays?

Narrative essay – an article that tells a story from a factual or imaginative domain of interest.

Descriptive essay – an article that describes things and objects in vivid ways.

Classification essay – a paper that groups things according to unifying principles.

Argumentative essay – this type of article argues for or against a certain side of an issue.

Persuasive essay – an article that influences the readers to accept the idea of the writer.

Cause and effect essay – article that talks about the relationship of one event to another.

Expository essay – this is also the same as the informative essay, it provides general info about a topic.

As you can see, general essays tend to encompass all the different essay types. We cannot find any “general” essay with particular characteristics. The term general is just a way to classify the types of articles that most students tend to write. You can check out our essay samples to see what other essay functions are available.This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers