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Jean-Jacques Rousseau's views on formation of the society
Jean-Jacques Rousseau's views on formation of the society
According to Jean-Jacques Rousseau the human unlike the beast could choose whether to follow the natural instincts or not. That liberty in turn led to the development of consciousness and spirituality, and the spirituality in turn became an impetus towards further development of a man. This "faculty to improvement" became the reason for the appearance of the society, as using that ability the man invented the instruments of labor, which resulted him having leisure time.

As a consequence of having free time, permanent mutual relations (families) and a language, people began to gather together, sing songs and dance. People began to estimate each other. So the first step towards inequality was invention of the instruments of labor and the appearance of lasting family relations between people. The second and even more important step was property.

Rousseau states that the possession was the reason people acquired fear for what was their own. People became suspicious towards each other and they either collaborated in some cases or acted both actively and slyly if needed. That resulted in the development of a lot of other vices that we know today. Also, Rousseau thinks that the invention of agriculture and metallurgy was another great step towards inequality, as the division of the labor occurred.

Gradually some people became richer, and some became poor. It is here when the government with all its laws was formed and became the last stage in forming the inequality. Employing paper writing services you can learn more about Jean-Jacques Rousseau and his work. Our professional paper writers will prepare excellent custom essays and authentic research reports typed from scratch that will exceed your expectations.