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Environmental Pollution Essay
Environmental Pollution Essay
Why Writers Must Attempt An Environmental Pollution Essay

Cities have played a major role in contributing to pollution of water, air, and land from waste. It is becoming more and more difficult for the authorities to control environmental pollution without the conscious and willing participation of people.

The effects of pollution are clearly indicated from the fact that the ozone layer has been depleted. Global warming is on the rise and climatic changes can be observed even at the poles. The North Pole has been remained in its frozen state since the beginning of time. It is not going to remain like that forever. The glaciers that form land on the North Pole are melting. Scientists are of the view that these glaciers would melt by the end of the century. Frightening thought, isnít it? Mankind has been responsible for this by pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This can be highlighted in environmental pollution essays.

Greenhouse gases absorb and emit infrared radiation. They are supposed to prevent the temperature on the surface of the Earth from falling to as low as -18 degrees centigrade, which would occur if they were not present. Humans have contributed greatly to disrupting the balance of nature by adding greenhouse gases through deforestation and burning fossil fuels like petroleum and coal, which contain a high percentage of carbon and hydrocarbons. Releasing chemical waste and particles into the atmosphere has not helped matters any further.

Water pollution is caused by pollutants entering surface water, waste-water discharge, littering, and leakage into the groundwater. Another major source of pollution is the land getting filled with toxic waste and chemical spills. The land becomes less fertile and forms layers of these pollutants which mingle with water, especially during the rains. The use of inorganic fertilizers including pesticides has contributed to a large extent in polluting land. Drastic measures have been taken to overcome soil pollution. An environmental pollution essay can focus on the work of scientists who are working overtime to develop pesticides and herbicides that would not deplete the land and rob farmers of quality produce.

The seas have provided the means to transport massive amounts of produce across the globe. It has also allowed fuel to be transported to different countries. Discipline and lack of international regulations that monitor sea routes led to several oil spills. A recent case in 2002 was the 20-million-gallon spillage off the Spanish Coast by the ship Prestige. Imagine the damage it caused to the local fishing industry. These dangers have been felt, and the world has realized how seriously they can affect quality of life. Companies like ParamountEssays.com make it their job to provide the latest updates on environmental pollution essays.

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