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World Bank Essay
World Bank Essay
The current financial issue sin the global economy is an effect of mismanagement of finds among financial institutions. This is a preventable thing if there were only very good instructions and procedures coming from leaders in world financial management. However, everyone is now recovering from the downfall and it is a timely matter to write World Bank essay. World Bank is a financial institution that intends to provide loans and financial assistance to countries around the world. It has a mission of helping countries, especially developing ones, to attain the same progress that industrialized nations already achieved. What can we write about World Bank in an essay? We will give you some possible directions in writing.

First, you need to be familiar with the basic steps in writing an essay. The first step is to choose a topic. The topic must be feasible, important, significant and interesting. Second, write the outline together with the thesis statement. Third, acquire as many resource materials as possible. Fourth, write the different paragraphs of an essay. They should include introduction, body and conclusion. Fifth, cite the resource materials using APA or MLA formats. Lastly, proofread the article.

You can write a narrative essay about World Bank. If you have a first hand experience about a certain money transaction, then you can relate that to how World Bank works for countries. It can be a narrative that will include stories from real life experiences. Moreover, you can also talk about something that you have observed from the procedures done by World Bank in providing financial assistance to nations.

Write a descriptive essay about World Bank essay. You can actually describe what World Bank is and how it functions in the international community. Describe the things that the bank does in terms of providing loans to the countries, acquiring interests form the loans, converting resources to money and managing the debts of other nations.

You can also write an argumentative essay. You can pinpoint whether the bank actually is performing in a non-discriminatory way. There have been issues in the past that the bank only allows small interest to stakeholder countries like United States or Japan. You can raise an issue about this and argue that the bank should not favor any nations in term of financial support.

One more thing, a World Bank essay can also be in the form of a cause and effect essay. Write articles that will tackle the causes why countries borrow money form World Bank and then write the effects of such a process to the same countries when it comes to their domestic policies. You may try looking for some research articles that tells a story about World Bank influencing the sovereignty concepts of borrowing countries.

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