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Louise Erdrich "The Red Convertible"
Louise Erdrich "The Red Convertible"
The story "The Red Convertible" by Louise Erdrich conveys strong family relationships, relationships between brothers and sisters and relationships between brothers. The author raises many problems in the story. She compares an old way of life and the new one. Such metaphorical symbols as the color, convertible, summer trip, the bizarre dance Henry performs before his death and main character Henry himself are the main symbols in of hers.

Before departing for Vietnam, Henry uses the car to get through to Lyman, he throws him key saying that now they are his. And Henry did it the second time when he comes back from war. These episodes prove how much Henry loves his brother Lyman. He doesn't tell Lyman about his feelings but he expresses them by giving him his car.

As soon as they purchased the red convertible, Henry and Lyman set off driving together without any reason and destination. They like to be free, to feel happy and to do those things they want. But Henry is going to Vietnam and comes back total different.

Lyman wants to get his brother back no matter what he needs to do for this. He decides to wreck the red convertible. He expects Henry will fix it. And he is right, when Henry sees the state of the car he begins to spend his time fixing it. When it is finally finished, Henry and Lyman take it for a ride to the red river. Lyman thinks his brother is back to normal, but when they reach the river, Henry acts strangely and jumps into the river with the phrase "My boots are filling". Henry doesn't want to live anymore and dies in the river.

The story demonstrates us how war and stressful events can influence and change people. If you want to go deeper in this research you are welcome to use professional writing services. Custom term papers, essays or thesis prepared by qualified paper writers are written from scratch completely based on your specifications.