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Person-Situation Interaction
Person-Situation Interaction
We cannot exist detached from the situation and this interaction results in shaping our behavior in compliance with the situation. In this article we will consider the factors that condition different responses to different situations.

In July I visited a summer camp where young people from different countries and cultures gathered to share interests and experiences. Once I participated in a competition in which two teams were engaged and I was a member of one of them. The day before the competition the instructor of our team told us to get together at 10 the following morning and emphasized that the ones who would be late would not take part in the competition. Although the competition was announced to open at 11 a.m., our team came in a body at 10 a.m. What I noticed about the other team was the fact that some of them arrived earlier and others came later than 10 a.m. but still all of them took part in the competition eventually. As I found out later, the other team was told that the competition would start at 11 a.m., but their instructor would be there at 10 a.m.

In the first case, our instructor exposed us to the strong situation, in which neither personal nor cultural differences could be expressed due to the fixed restrictions which caused our behavior in compliance with our instructor's expectations. In the second case, the situation was weak as the instructor of our opponents didn't constrain the potential behaviors and provided the team with ambiguous instructions in terms of his expectations, which allowed the members of that team to reveal their individual and cultural differences.

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