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Pyramids in the Old Days
Pyramids in the Old Days
Modern humanity is so proud of its latest achievements in technology, that it often treats previous epochs' knowledge with superiority. This report will describe one of the unique world wonders, Egyptian pyramids, their history, purpose and mythology. No one can deny the fact that Pyramids of Egypt prove that ancient civilization had mysteriously high level of architecture, engineering and mathematics, unbeaten even with modern technologies people have nowadays.

Overall, there are more than thirty pyramid complexes in Egypt, dating back to the years from B.C. 2700 down to B.C. 1800. There are a few types of pyramids. Apart from traditional pyramid shape there are so called step pyramids and mustabas buildings with flat top, which in fact are not pyramids in their true sense.

The first pyramid was built in 2630 B.C. by the talented architect Inhotep and was the tomb of King Djoser. Giza pyramids, also called the Great Pyramids, are the most known. They are located aside from the rest thirty-some pyramid complexes, near Cairo.

According to the data provided by the ancient historian Herodotus it took ten years to build a road for stone blocks' transportation and it took twenty more years to construct the largest pyramid of the three Giza pyramids the one built by Cheops and devoted to the late King Knufu. It is not surprising thus that this pyramid was considered to be one of the Seven World Wonders.

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