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Persuasive Essay Format-Establish Your Facts In the Right Format
Persuasive Essay Format-Establish Your Facts In the Right Format
Influence the thoughts of your audience with the perfect topic

Persuasive essays are definitely great for the mind to read but when it comes to writing one, it is not that thrilling. However, knowing the persuasive essay format will push you further up the ladder of grades. These essay formats are not that different from those of other essays. They just have an edge to it that convinces the reader that you were right in your point.

Always stating your opinion at the beginning is the ideal introduction and would be the perfect start according to the persuasive essay format. Grab the readerís attention with a topic which is arguable. Build your essay in a way that does not falter and has a soft conversion between paragraphs. Be strong in your point and provide historical reviews, examples and including a famous person or a small story which does not drag the reader to boredom. You should not only validate your point with strapping facts but also take up the opponentís points and disprove it word by word.

Argue logically. The reader should never think your essay lacks logic. Make sure that every paragraph you write gives and proves a reason to the point you state. The choice of a persuasive essay topic is very crucial in building just the right persuasive essay format. Choosing a topic which has a double edge will never fail. The topic must be debatable and you should know the pros and cons of the topic and make sure that you take up your views and reach the heart of the reader and stay there. Donít try to cram too many points into one paragraph as it could cause a kind of discomfort.

Address the opponent, quote from their words and then take them all down the drain! Use diverse citation systems like Harvard, MLA or APA formats just like you use them for other essays. You could use topics which could make persuasion easier. Some topics are given below:
Can we maintain a successful career and a happy family simultaneously?
Should men be permitted to have more than one wife?
Your views on gay marriage.
Is cloning morally ethical?
Is abortion another term for murder or is it saving an unwanted childís life?
Are school uniforms traditional or just outdated practice?
Should life-support be given for dying support?
Should cell phones be allowed in school?

Such topics can help you get better grades because you can persuade the reader that your point is valid. If you want it easier you could choose a personal persuasive essay topic which could be writing an essay how you would persuade someone to do something for you without them realizing that you have convinced them.

A perfect ending is mandatory in a persuasive essay format. Never introduce new points. You should ascertain that you have redefined your points with the right amount of citations. You should let the reader know how important it is for them to accept and also deliver in smooth ways how it would affect the cause if they donít. Get them lined for action and remember that it is your last chance to convince them.

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