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Literary Criticism Essay
Literary Criticism Essay
Do you know how to write a literary criticism essay? If your answer is a big No, then this is the best time to learn how to write it. A literary criticism essay is actually an article that will analyze and review a certain literary work. You should have the skills to look for some likeable and non-likeable features of a literary document. This way, you can write a literary criticism essay that will expose deeper meanings within a literary article.

How can we get started in writing such an essay? A literary criticism essay will have the same parts and paragraphs as any other essay types. This means you have to include an essay introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs and conclusion. These are all the basic parts of an essay that you must incorporate in a literary criticism essay. For your total peace of mind, here are the basic steps in writing a literary critique essay.

Look for a literary material of your choice. If your teacher did not provide you the material for the criticism and analysis, then you can simply use a document that you think you can analyze and manage. There are any literary articles that you can actually use. You may utilize a book, a novel, a poem, short story essay or any other types of literary documents. Make sure that you first consult with your teacher before you use any written articles.

Next, write a direction for writing. You should have familiarity with the literary material that you have chosen. Familiarity means you have read the poem or the novel. This way, you can decide whether you are for or against the contents of the literary work. Remember that to analyze does not necessarily mean that you are looking for things that you do not like. You should also consider the things that you like about the material and write about it on your essay.

Next, construct the outline of your essay. The outline will serve as the backbone of your discussions. This way, you can discuss the topic of your essay and then structurally critique the material in reference. You can partition the outline according to the parts of your discussion plan. You should incorporate the same essay parts that we have discussed before which are the introduction, body and the conclusion.

Now, if you think you need to include certain parts of the literary work into your essay, then you can simply use a citation style that is appropriate to your skills. Some students know how to use the APA format while others prefer the MLA. No matter what style you use, make sure that you do in-text citation and bibliography page writing.

One more thing, you should not forget to proofread your literary criticism essay. This is the final task for you to do. Do not forget to eliminate spelling, grammar, coherence and data accuracy errors. This will ensure that you have truly written a quality essay about literary criticism.This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers