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Patricia Doe Kendrick Case Study Questions
Patricia Doe Kendrick Case Study Questions
In this article I will examine Patricia Doe Kendrick's life through Jean Piaget's theory of cognitive development which implies that every organism adapts to its environment through certain mechanisms and methods. An infant, in particular, is born with a set of initial reflexes called schemes. Within a time, when a child grows up such schemes are replaced by constructive ones.

I would like to ask Patricia's parents several questions. In my view, they did not express enough level of love and compassion to her. Mother frequently yelled and father simply did not participate in her life. Thus, my question will be, whether they really loved their daughter with that mad love inherent to some parents? The second question: whether they made some distinctions between their children marked out their son as a favorite child?

If I met Patricia in 1993, I would ask her what activities she preferred to her school studying. Then my next steps would be to explain girl's parents that even if she was not an "A" student, they had to develop her artistic, organizational, decorating and social skills, since those were her strong sides. Finally, during the meeting with Patricia in 2005, I would like to ask her a crucial question: whether she was really happy with her new family, or it was just a feigning of happiness? If the answer will be positive as to her attempt not to upset "Mom-Dad-teachers-friends-society-or-else", then it is going to be obvious that the ground of her personal problems lies in her attitude to life was established in her childhood and teenage period of psychological development.

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