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The general principles of Chinese cuisine
The general principles of Chinese cuisine
In this research work we will disclose the general principles of diverse Chinese cuisine. One of them is the minimum heat treatment. The Chinese cut into small pieces all ingredients to prepare them in minutes and save fuel. Hence the two Chinese culinary secrets: correct slicing (into small pieces of the same size) and the correct roasting (on high heat, but not for long time).

Fresh and seasonal products are another universal principle of Chinese cuisine. Seasonal product is cheaper, it is easier to purchase and store.

One of the characteristics of Chinese cuisine is that a large number of ingredients are prepared separately, under a certain temperature regime, and are mixed until they are done. If you guess what the ingredients are in a particular dish, the Chinese cook does not take it as a compliment: once the product has preserved its own taste, there is no point in cooking it.

The peculiarity of the Chinese cuisine is achieved not only by using very exotic food, but by different ways of processing. Europeans can cook a lot of the favorite food of Chinese cuisine: it is vegetables, mushrooms, fish, pork, flour, sugar, butter. But the Chonese can handle it dozens of ways.

Today's Chinese Cuisine is one of the most varied cuisines of the world, but this does not depend on their territory of their lands, on the contrary, it is their poverty that taught the Chinese people to make the most of what they have. And only through the love of good food and endless experimentation with the gifts of nature, culinary heritage of China is so rich and vivid.

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