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In support of abortions
In support of abortions
The opponents of abortions are wrong, supposing that the main personality, responsible for the production of abortions, is a young girl who became pregnant occasionally, and a doctor, obligingly suggesting having abortion. Despite all that women have a lot of difficulties and choose in not because they have no special reasons. That is why women started fighting for their rights and not evidently raised such a serious question. Nevertheless those fighting women got blame and hatred of the opposite side, fighting for humanity.

What the prohibition of abortions will bring? Absolutely, nothing. It is rather naive to consider that they won't be done because of their ban. They will continue existing illegally and in awful conditions with insanitary equipment. That is much worse.

Improving of the medical quality and treatment to patient health's complications after abortions can help in creation of nation-wide standards of medical service for treating the after-abortions patients. That's why a real protection of people's lives must take into consideration all the advantages, necessaries and desires of people, who can't afford having children. If the opposition to abortions exists there must be proper conditions for poor or unreliable people that they would be able to take care of children and give them obligatory education. Otherwise, no one can decide for somebody what to do, especially in such ambivalent cases.

Bearing a child and leaving it means a new problem to society, which nowadays can't take care of everyone. The problem of overpopulation has already alarming and can cause too much troubles. It is no need to give birth to children to leave them, passing own problems to others.

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